Sunday, August 29, 2004

Just another day in Mundania

A blog, NICE, the masculant equivalent of a diary. Maybe someone will read this but probably not, either way I can just ramble on here and destroy the English language in the process. A little about me, my name is Keith and I'm 28 year old fella from the Jersey shore (Brick to be exact) and I work shift work so a lot of crazy ideas constantly jump into my brain and I decided to write those things here.
Obviously the biggest thing in the news is the election and I'm not to sure how I feel about it. I used to always side with Republicans, but this election I can't with good consciese vote for Bush (I declare Republican Keith is now no longer with us). However, on the flip side of the coin there is Kerry who I would only vote because he's running against Bush and this just flat out sucks. We Americans aren't voting for the better candidate, we're voting for the lesser of two evils - that's very frustating. What happen to men of character who took a stance for America and here people not to line his pockets with gold, but to protect her people from injustice and stimulate growth in both morality and economy. What happen to the JFKs and the Lincolns? Where did all the Thomas Jeffersons and Ben Franklins go? I see people protesting everyday, but I think they are only protesting to protest - are they as frustated as me or is it just thing to do? Will anyone step up?
Anyway, today I worked for 13 and a half hours so it looks like I can pay a little extra on the principle of my mortgage (this is my life - getting kicks on paying extra on my mortgage - pathetic) or should I gamble it away..... you be the judge. I wish my life was like the beer comercials. You see the guy (with a six pack no less) with all his beautiful friends hanging out on rooftops without a worry in the world. Life's a party. Do people really live like tihs? That would be my Utopia. I was inspired to write this blog by reading one of bestest friend's blog (she sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than me though) She has so many worries and I feel so bad. I wish I was more cleaver to be able to say or do something to help her. She has ADD which is something I grew up with. I was lucky though I grew out of it (mostly anyway), but reading her blog brings back all the horrible memories I have from growing up with it. I don't really talk about because I like to believe I'm past it but the truth of the matter is that I'm still sensitive about it. K through 4th grade all my teachers thought I was slow (some even had the audasity to say was retarded in front of me like I was too stupid to comprhend what they were saying). It made me so furious. I was held back to do kindergarten again (well accutualy I was sent to advance kinergarten "see, Keith, you weren't held back - you're in advace kindergarten" if I knew the F word than I would have let fly in thier faces). This is the time that all kids would tease me which was excellent for my budding self-esteam (Sure I can do anything I put my mind to - oh wait I'm retarded I guess I'll be sorting glass with Phil at the old factory - sky's the limit, baby!). Oh, wait, I didn't tell you, I didn't just have ADD, No, I had to have ADHD (Attention Descifit Hyperactive Disoder) with a stuttering problem (well the stutter problem came a little later, they said I got it because of a loss of cofidence and a surge of different thoughts at one time which my brain couldn't process fast eough - wonder what could have caused that?) so when I got bored (ussually at school) I would entertain myself my spinning in circles. That's the one thing I could do - I could spin! Spin, spin, spin I loved it - I still love it. Ii'm so glad I have little nephews so I can spin them around all the time. Spin, spin, spin and I never got dissy (I'm on top of the world!). Well, there I was no friends, no cofidence and a bright future in the glass sorting industry, until, that is, I met Mr. Brewer. My fifth grade teacher is my hero, my savior acctually. He not only believed that I wasn't slow, ney, he believed that I was instead quite intelligent (do tell, Mr. Brewer). Basiclly, when I was bored my brain wandered. Nutshell, school was boring. The only reason I made it to the fifth grade was out of spite to prove to the Ney-sayers that I was infact, not retarded. When I was interested in something I would retain everything I was told/read. He would test me on books that I found most interesting and I would answer all his questions correctly (what is that? Could it be.... yes! A spec of cofidience brewwing). So after seeing a few specialest, I was deemed ADHD postive and oddly enough I was so relieved. I wasn't slow or retarded I just had a problem that was easily corrected with the proper medication. What a bunch of assholes saying I was retarded, thinking they new what was best for me. Apparently, they didn't know much. I guess I have a little resentment still toward certain people, but for the most part I am past that.
Of course none of this helps my friend Kellie. She has so much though and I am quite jealous of her she has wonderful husband and a beautiful son, I want that (well not a husband - unless it's her husband - he's kinda cool and we get along quite smittenly), so since you inspired to write this blog I dedicate this first entery to you, my fellow LNHCFNJP member, I love you.


Blogger meganwithanh said...

Great post. It is amazing how there seems to be one teacher that changes our lives. Of course, they are usually making up for the truly awful ones that came first...

Blogging is a nice way to blow off steam. Keep it up. :)

August 29, 2004 at 6:09 PM  

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